DRINKOPOLY – The game that
guarantees a (un)forgettable

  • 50 cards with hilarious questions and tasks
  • 44 fields (do or drink!)
  • 6 pawns for 6 players
  • 1 dice that determines the destiny
Are you ready for the most popular drinking board game?
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the blurriest game ever
A great party game to play when indulging some adult beverages with your friends. Up to six players can have unlimited fun by drinking and laughing together!

The board and cards require fun tasks that will get more difficult the more you play!

Join more than a million fans playing Drinkopoly all over the world!
Price: £26.99
Includes: A Gameboard, 50 task cards, 6 pawns and 1 dice
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Play anywhere

Drinkopoly© is a social and interactive board game designed to provide hours of fun, laughs and mischief at home, parties or outings. Bring out the world’s most popular drinking game to break the ice and have an (un)forgettable time with your friends.

Countless possibilities

The board has 44 fields with various tasks requiring you to stop at bars, pubs and clubs, and take gulps of long or short drinks. There are additional fields with special tasks and activities, such as truth and dares, arm wrestling challenges, poem recitals, tongue twisters, pick-up lines,…

Fun the whole time

Drinkopoly has 50 special cards describing various tasks. When you pull a card, you have to complete the task or take a sip of a drink to advance further. Some of the tasks are funny, some are sexy and some are simply craaazy!
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